Weekly Community News for Odyssey Charter Jr/Sr High School

Volume 23Sept 11, 2023

"Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

- John Wooden (American basketball player and coach)

Sept 11: 1st interim ends

Sept 13:   Open House for all grades 5:30 - 7:00pm

Sept 14:   Interims Published to Focus

Sept 15:   Early Release @ 2:45 pm
Sept 16:   Success Saturday @ 9-11:30 am 

Open House -  Wed. Sept 13 from 5:30-7:00pm

Please join us for Open House on September 13th at 5:30 p.m. Remember to bring a copy of your child’s schedule, as you will be visiting classrooms in the exact order of your child’s schedule.  Parents should arrive at their student’s first-period class by 5:30 p.m. Announcements will be made at the end of each class session so everyone knows when to move to the next period.

Please note that this time is to explain general class procedures and curriculum outlines.  If you have specific questions regarding your child, please schedule a private phone call or meeting with the teacher.

Some computers will also be set up to assist you with your FOCUS accounts.


Success Saturday - 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. 

Odyssey Charter Jr/Sr is committed to helping all students succeed and reach their full potential.  Success Saturday is designed for students needing assistance and support with their current work in all four core subjects. Teachers may send an email encouraging students to attend; however, ALL students can participate in Success Saturday without a teacher's invitation. There will be an administrator on the campus every Saturday.

Student Expectations for Success Saturday:

We hope your child will participate in this wonderful opportunity if he/she requires academic support or assistance. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Assistant Principal Ms. Rebecca Irving at irvingr@odysseycharterschool.com.

AVID in Action- Advancement Via Individual Determination

The goal of AVID is to close the opportunity gap by preparing all students for college and career readiness and success in a global society.  This graphic demonstrates just how impactful AVID is worldwide. 


In the first few weeks of school, AVID students hit the ground running, literally!  First, successful students need to know the VIPs who make school happen.  In the AVID elective class, students scoured the campus to introduce themselves to their school counselor, dean’s assistant, custodial team and the front office clerk.  Scroll through photos gallery in this article to see. We are one team, with one dream…one family! 


Then in the classroom, AVID students are learning to get and stay organized.  One way is to take great notes in each class to study later.  Check out these amazing notes taken in Mrs. Hamzeh’s math classes.  (see photos attached). 


Some of the magic of AVID happens in Tutorials which are like college study groups.  Tutorials will begin next month for AVID students.  To learn what this feels like to AVID scholars, the members of the site team, which includes teachers, admin, students and parents, will experience tutorials first hand at our first Site Team meeting Sept 13. Let the questions fly!

College Signs

As part of Odyssey's focus on college prep and AVID's emphasis on organizational skills, the Jr/Sr hallways are now named for different Florida colleges and universities.  This should make navigating our halls a little easier and remind students that college is on the horizon.

Support the Marching Band

Our Titan Musicians are starting their annual coffee fundraiser to help fund marching band uniform maintenance, instrument repairs, and music fees. You can order coffee through our online platform: https://javajoesfundraising.com/shop/?ref=1075 or through band students individually.


Make sure you select “Odyssey Charter High Band” at checkout in the dropdown menu that says “Please confirm your Group's Coffee Bag Logo” so you can receive our exclusive fundraiser packaging with our Titan Band logo.


The fundraiser ends September 15th. Thank you for supporting the Titan Band!

Attention Senior Class of 2024!

Don't miss out on anything for your Senior year. Please visit our Senior Info page HERE in our Titan Times for important dates, scholarship info, and more. New scholarship info added this week! 



E-Sports will be meeting Wednesdays and Fridays in Mr. Layfield’s room #240 after school. Below is the survey link to fill out with your information prior to coming. If you have any questions, email Mr. Layfield at layfieldd@odysseycharterschool.com.


Farm Club

When: Monday-Friday 8:15am-8:50am – starts September 4th

Where: The Farm at Odyssey – located at the northeast corner of the property

Who: All students grade 6+ are invited to join Mr. Hayden and Mr. Ian out on the farm


Activities will include: feeding fish, checking water quality, planting, weeding and harvesting/processing crops and flowers, diagnosing pests and diseases, solving farm problems, and completing various farm tasks. If you enjoy plants, want to learn to grow food, or are just interested in seeing what it’s about, all are welcome!


AP Biology

In Ms. Guslawski's AP Biology class,  students applied their knowledge of nucleic acids to build a DNA double helix. The students had to use the textbook to create nucleotides from a phosphate, 5-ring carbon sugar and either a purine or pyrimidine base. If correctly put together, the double helix is proportional.  The models are currently being used to answer questions about DNA strands such as “identify and label the phosphodiester bonds” noting the phosphate backbone made of 1 phosphorous atom and 4 oxygen atoms.  

Students in Mr. Cooper's Environmental Studies class were collecting data and measurements on plant growth on campus.

Students in Dr. Rodriguez's class are learning how to talk about the weather (El Tiempo) in Spanish.  

In Mrs. Bellings's 6th Grade World History class, students did collaborative work while studying tools and environment during prehistoric times.

Students in Mr. Santiago's class had a lively Socratic Seminar this week about the role of technology in teen lives today.  Students were driving the lesson,  developing their own ideas, and engaging with one another in the discussion making meaning for themselves about the topic and Rhetorical Devices used by the author.  


Please click this link for all the GAME schedules for individual sports.  https://www.odysseycharterjrsr.com/team-schedules

You may also click the calendar link to verify practice dates and times. https://www.odysseycharterjrsr.com/school-calendar

Athletic Store Coming Soon!

We will soon have our online athletic fundraiser store up and running and ready for purchasing T-shirts and more for our Titan Teams! Stay tuned!