Weekly Community News for Odyssey Charter Jr/Sr High School

Volume 55May 20, 2024

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Beverly Stills

Upcoming Events

20 8th Grade Stepping-Up and Awards Ceremony Gym @ 1:30 pm  

10th Grade Field Trip to Veteran’s Memorial

21 Awards Ceremony for grades 6-7 and 9,10,11 Gym @ 1:30 pm



24 EXAMS/EARLY RELEASE - Last Day for Students

Final Exam Schedule



Students in Mrs. Velez's Biology classes are wrapping up the year completing dissections.  Our Titan biologists learned the proper safety precautions, followed lab protocols and labeled the specimens.  The hands-on experience is a meaningful way to explore science.

2023-24 OCS Titan Athletic Banquet


On Wednesday we celebrated our amazing 2023-24 Titan & Lady Titan Athletes! It was a fun-filled night with our family and friends, enjoying food catered by Beef O’Bradys and DJ Hayden on the music! With a stacked cafeteria, we honored coach-selected athletes with specialty awards, and announced our 2023-24 Coach of the Year, Mrs. Amanda Encarnacion! Congratulations to all of our Titan student-athletes and coaches on a wonderful year! Thank you to all that came out in support and celebration! GO TITANS!
Click HERE for photo gallery.

Senior Awards

On Thursday, May 16th, Seniors were celebrated with an award ceremony. Senior awards are like shining stars in the night sky, each one representing a unique journey, a tale of dedication, and a testament to resilience. They illuminate the path of achievement for outstanding seniors who have left an indelible mark on their school community. These awards are not just about accolades; they are a celebration of passion, commitment, and the pursuit of excellence. From academic prowess to exemplary leadership, to compassionate service each award symbolizes the culmination of years of hard work and dedication. As the spotlight shines on these exceptional individuals during the awards ceremony, it reflects not only their achievements but also the endless possibilities that lie ahead as they embark on their next chapter in life.

Founder's Award 2024

The 2024 Founder's Award recipients are Kalea Fulmore and Clare Dories!! These exceptional students have shown outstanding dedication, hard work, and respect, making us all proud. Let's celebrate their achievements together!

This year’s High School recipient is junior Kalea Fulmore. Kalea was nominated by her teachers for her hard work and dedication in the classroom and the school community. Along with sporting a solid 3.5 GPA, Kalea dedicates her time as a member of our award-winning Color Guard team, which recently competed in the State competition. As for her contributions to helping build the school community, Kalea has been a part of the leadership class this year and will be a key member of our student government group next year. Kalea is always willing to help her peers and our staff with whatever needs to be done. Recently, Kalea stayed after school to assist a group of teachers in setting up the gym for a group testing session. Small acts like these are constant for Kalea, and show the character that this Titan Scholar shows, day in and day out. We are excited to see what Kalea and her Odyssey peers will do to continue to build Titan pride in our school community. Congratulations, Kalea, for being this year’s Odyssey’s Senior High Founder’s Award winner.

The Odyssey Junior High recipient is Clare Dories. Clare is a 7th-grade student at Odyssey Charter School Jr/Sr High. With a weighted GPA of 4.08, Clare was nominated by her teachers for this year’s award for her kind, caring, and respectful attitude toward staff and peers, along with her hard work and dedication in class. One of her teachers commented, “Clare is one of the most mature, kind, and respectful students I have ever taught. Every day, Clare goes out of her way to say hello to all her teachers and at the end of the period, Clare takes the time to thank her teachers for an amazing lesson. Clare is a model student for her peers.” In addition to her outstanding academic performance, Clare has been recognized by the school for her artistic abilities, representing Odyssey Jr/Sr at the district-level competition and our school’s art showcase for her drawing in the graphite medium. Clare’s all-around performance in school and as a member of our Titan community makes her the ideal student as the middle school Founder’s Award recipient this year.

Spreadsheet Art

Ms. Mora showed her Explorer Technology students a way to create and have fun in Excel by coloring the cells in the tables to make pictures. They had a great time and held a contest to see who made the most realisitc version of the Mario Brothers video game art. That's really thinking outside the box!

Congratulations to the winners! First place: Honor Gonzalez / Second Place:  Josaiah Palomino

Melbourne Municipal Band  Summer Camp

The Melbourne Municipal Band is hosting their annual FREE Summer Band Camp June 10th-28th. This is a GREAT way for students who play school owned instruments to be able to play during the break! Students who are not currently enrolled in band at OCS can also attend and get a head start!

Register online at: https://www.mmband.org/syb
For more information, call Ben Gonzalez at 909-659-4202, or the MMB office at 321-724-0555, or email mmbsyb@gmail.com.

Please see the flyer on the bulletin board below for more information. 

*Please note that this camp is not run by Mrs Kevelin or Odyssey Charter School. We have had many students attend over the years and they have had a wonderful music experience. Please contact MMB directly with any questions.


The Class of 2024 had a big day on Friday, May 17th.  They started with the annual Senior Walk followed by the Senior Breakfast and Graduation rehearsal.  We wish all the Seniors luck and success in their future.
Check out the photos HERE.


Titan Senior Class of 2024

Hunter Sutton

Hunter has attended Odyssey for six years. He is the Treasurer of the National Honor Society and has taken Digital Art classes throughout high school.  He credits Ms. Oakes for helping him get seven different certifications in various graphic design programs. Hunter is dual-enrolled at Eastern Florida State College, studying mechanical engineering, and will complete his Associate of Arts degree after graduation. Then, he plans to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.

Annabelle Eliyahou

Annabelle has attended Odyssey since middle school.  She likes drawing, painting, sculpting, and digital art.  She is grateful that Ms. Oakes taught her many new skills and assisted with several commercial art certifications.  As a dual-enrollment student, Annabelle cherished her time on campus when she could see her friends and catch up. In the fall, she will attend Florida State University or Long Island University and major in economics and business.

Izabelle Melendez

Izabelle has attended Odyssey since seventh grade. She has been involved in musical theater as an actor and took on a leadership role as costume manager. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Stout because he has been so inspirational throughout middle and high school. Izabelle will miss all the friends she made and says that Prom was her favorite senior year memory because she has never had so much fun at a dance before.  She has been accepted to Eastern Florida State College and plans to earn her Associate of Arts degree before heading out of state.

Samuel Marcelin

Samuel started Odyssey one year ago, and his favorite teacher is Ms. Copeland because she is nice and very supportive. Samuel liked being on the soccer team and is passionate about digital art. His favorite memory is the GradBash trip because it was so much fun.

Layna Moore

Layna has attended Odyssey for seven years, and her favorite teacher is Dr. Caleb. She is in the band and orchestra and loves playing her instruments. Her favorite activity this year was the band’s spring trip to Six Flags. After graduation, she will attend Eastern Florida State College and study early childhood education.

Malachi Adams

Malachi has attended Odyssey Charter since elementary school. He will miss all the incredible friends he made. GradBash was his favorite activity because he liked hanging out with everyone. His favorite teacher is Mr. Stout because of his relaxed attitude and creativity. He will attend Eastern Florida State College for two years to earn his Associate of Arts degree. Then, he hopes to go to the University of Central Florida to major in computer science and cyber security.

Tyler Burtzloff

Tyler has attended Odyssey for three years and will miss all the friends he has made.  He enjoyed having Ms. Lewis as a teacher because she is caring and funny. In the future, Tyler wants to join the military and pursue a career in either comic writing or astronomy.

Charlotte Danclair

Charlotte has attended Odyssey since 8th grade. Her best Senior year memory was attending Homecoming with her friends.  She plans to attend Eastern Florida State College to complete her Associate of Arts degree.  Then, she hopes to attend the University of Central Florida to earn her bachelor's degree in business management.

Gabriella Manna

Gabriella has attended Odyssey for the past seven years. She cherishes the friendships she has made and will miss her friends.  She will also miss her favorite teacher, Mr. Pagel because he always lifts everyone’s spirits with his dad jokes.  Gabriella will attend Florida Eastern State College and earn her Associate of Arts degree.

Alivia Berryman

Alivia has attended Odyssey since fourth grade.  She plays cello with the Melbourne Community Orchestra and has been in the Titan’s Orchestra for five years.  Alivia has also participated in the Color Guard Marching Band and is a member of the National Honor Society.  Her favorite teachers are part of the Fine Arts department because she feels they give students room for creativity and self-expression. Alivia is dual-enrolled at Eastern Florida State College and will attend Iowa State University in the fall to major in architecture.

Sarah Brent

Sarah has been a part of Odyssey since sixth grade.  She plays cello in the orchestra and percussion in the marching band, and is the section leader for both.  Her best memory from her Senior year is becoming a member of the High School Honors Orchestra.  She traveled to the FMEA All-State Convention in Tampa and performed cello with some of Florida's best high school musicians.  After graduation, she will attend Stetson University and major in music performance, hoping to play professionally in a symphony orchestra.

Dalence Benoit

Dalence has attended Odyssey for three years and will miss all the friends he has made.  He participated in athletics and enjoyed gym class.  He hopes to get a real estate license and possibly attend the Florida Institute of Technology to major in technical engineering.


Vajanyi began attending Odyssey Charter Jr/Sr in High School and has held several leadership positions, such as 11th-grade Senator, Theater Props Master, and, most notably, founder of the Speech and Debate Club. Vanjany enjoys participating in the Theater program because it allows students to express their creativity.  Vajanyi says that Mr. Pagel taught students to view history in ways they never considered, and it shaped how they now see the world. Vajanyi will attend Eastern Florida State College and hopes to transfer to an out-of-state college to study theater and become an actor or anthropology to become a professor.

Dylan Rivera

Dylan has attended OCS since 6th grade. He was Captain of the Track and Field team in 11th grade and played Varsity Football at another school. His favorite activity this year was Senior Skip Day because he went to Orlando with his friends and played mini-golf. He is grateful for Ms. Griffith, who gave him all the information he needed to pass successfully and graduate.  He plans to attend college and earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering and would also like to join ROTC and become a commissioned Army officer.

Jesyka Pabon

Jesyka has attended Odyssey for six years.  Her favorite senior year memory is the art field trip because she enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded people who appreciate art.  She plans on attending college and majoring in electrical engineering.

Ashley Santiago

Ashley has attended Odyssey since third grade and is a band member. She plans to attend nursing school and specialize in pediatrics.

Angelo Garcia

Angelo has attended Odyssey since fourth grade and will miss all his friends and teachers. He participated in band, orchestra, and the musical theater production of Percy Jackson.  His favorite teachers are Ms. Kevelin and Mr. Hoffman, for creating amazing music programs and being such caring and influential mentors.  Angelo has been accepted to Stetson University and plans to major in music education in the fall.

Emma Mondor

Emma has attended Odyssey Schools since Pre-kindergarten, and she will miss all the friends she has made.  She has been a member of the National Honor Society and held different leadership roles, such as Secretary and Vice-President.  One of her best senior year memories is getting her college acceptance letters and sharing the good news.   Emma especially liked talking to Ms. Griffith and Ms. Amanda because they are always supportive and assist with problems.  In the fall, she will attend Rollins College, majoring in sociology and minor in women’s studies.

Amisha Ali

Amisha has attended Odyssey for nine years. She is in the band, marching band, and color guard and had a fantastic time on the trip to Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia.  Ms. Kevelin is Amisha’s favorite teacher because she taught her about music and was a terrific mentor.  After graduation, Amisha plans to join the Air Force and serve for the next eight years.

Trinity Riley

Trinity has been at Odyssey since 10th grade, and she will miss the friends she has made.  She was the basketball team captain in her junior and senior years and ran track in 11th grade.  Her favorite senior year memory was Senior Field Day when Ms. Amanda and Ms. Valeria got water splashed on them. In the future, Trinity plans to attend Keiser University to earn her Associate of Arts degree.  She would also like to attend culinary school and open a restaurant.

Emilee Sloanaker

Emilee has attended Odyssey since 8th grade and is in the Leadership class.  She also participates in the Color Guard and loves learning new routines.  Her favorite senior year memory is Prom because she got to have a great party with her friends.  After graduation, she will attend Eastern Florida State College to earn her Associate of Arts degree, and then she wants to enroll in nursing school.

Gannon Bailey

Gannon has attended OCS for three years.  He appreciates all the guidance he received from Mr. Casados and the guidance counselors.  In the future, he wants to study photography for a year and then attend college to get his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Dazley Azard

Dazley has attended Odyssey for six years and is a marching band member.  He plays the marimba, french horn, and mellophone.  He enjoyed going to Georgia to complete and attend Six Flags.  His favorite teachers were Mr. Gelinas because his classes are interesting, Ms. Kevelin because he loves being in the band, and Ms. Lewis because she is funny and relates well with her students.

Alexander Figari

Alexander has attended Odyssey since fourth grade.  He will miss all his friends and teachers, especially Ms. Irving and Mr. Gelinas.  His favorite senior year memories are GradBash and Prom because he liked going on the rollercoasters and dressing up.  In the future, he will join the Air Force and attend college.

Luke Summer

Luke has attended Odyssey since sixth grade.  He is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the National Honor Society.  He ran track and enjoyed beating his personal records and being part of a team.  He will miss all his friends and says his best senior-year activity was going to GradBash and riding all the rides with his friends.  Luke is dual-enrolled at Eastern Florida State College and plans to major in business at the Florida Institute of Technology or the University of Central Florida.


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